How to calculate a mortgage loan in Excel?

Excel is a very useful and versatile calculation tool that allows numerical simulations through formulas and functions. Excel is used to calculate credit amortizations, which becomes a very useful instrument for the client since he will know, according to the data entered in the spreadsheet, how much he will have to pay each month. But […]

Credit with online instant commitment.

Let’s be honest: If somebody had seriously said some time ago that in the near future you could immediately get credits via the internet, he would have only a mild smile, especially from the banks. And today? The already very high data security on the Internet as well as the industry-internal competitive pressure have made […]

Can I repair my mortgage loan?

Mortgage loans have become the solution of many citizens to obtain their first home or change the one they already have for a better one. However, the increase in interest rates makes many users wonder: can I repay my mortgage loan?   What is repairing a mortgage loan? The procedure of repairing a mortgage loan […]

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